First Aid

Have you decided to pass your driving license? You are in the right place.These courses are mandatory for anyone wishing to obtain the driver’s license in Switzerland and must be done before applying for a student’s license. The course lasts 10 hours.



Awereness course

It is a Mandatory course which takes place over 4 days, 2hours per day. Each course treat a main theme: seeing in traffic, vehicle, driving skills, and environment. Our instructors use the latest pedagogical approaches and offer a funny team work.



car practice genevaCar Pratice

During the practical exam, the candidate must prove that he is able to drive a motor vehicle according to the established rules. He/She must demonstrate that, even in difficult traffic situations, They’re able to drive in a safe and appropriate way. The candidate who fails twice in the practical exam can only be admitted to a new practical test if the driving instructor attests that He/She has completed his/her driver training. Our instructors have the pleasure to help you throughout the whole learning process.


2 days Advanced course

In order to better train new drivers and reduce the number of accidents in which they are involved, new regulations for driving licenses came into force on 1 December 2005.

During these classes, new drivers can share their first experiences in road traffic and test their own behaviors. These 2 days course are mandatory in order to get a permanent licence



Pack mini


6 x 50 minutes driving
Free Insurance
Equipped car included
You save: 111 CHF

Pack Starter


12 x 50 minutes driving
Free Insurance
Equipped car Included
You save: 200 CHF

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