Whether your moving to Switzerland or just visiting, the good news is that Switzerland recognises foreign driver’s licences and allows most people to drive for up to one year using their existing licence. However, if you plan on living in Switzerland for more than one year, most nationalities will need to exchange their foreign driver’s licence for a Swiss driver’s licence.


  • Driver’s licenses which do not conform to the standard Latin alphabet must be officially translated into either German, French, Italian or English
  • A test drive is required when the existing license is issued by a country which is not a member of the EU or EFTA. Exceptions to this rule are Australia, USA, Canada, Israel, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Singapore. People with a license from these countries are not subject to a test drive
  • An eye test from a certified Swiss optician is needed.
  • Take some driving lessons and sign up for a driving test if you are not exempt from this rule
  • Gather all necessary documents and take them to the road traffic department in order to get your license exchanged.


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