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Free lunchtime parking in Lausanne is over. In the center of Lausanne it is no longer possible to park for free between 12:30 and 13:30. The zone stretches from the city to the main train station and from Chauderon to Parc Mon-Repos. The area covers around 1,600 parks.

“Work on changing the meters started on 7 August 2017.”

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While difficult to estimate, the city expects to collect an extra few hundred thousand francs of revenue. Patrick Etournaud, head of mobility, said: “It’s difficult to accurately estimate. There are drivers who pay just before and just after this period, but if we had to put a number on it, it could be a few hundred thousand francs.

Etournaud told 24 Heures “We want to combat fly-by parkers, those who park between midday and 2pm in the city centre. At this time of the day there is practically no parking and no parking turnover in the zone.”

“Total parking revenue in Lausanne is around CHF 18.5 million a year. CHF 10 million of it comes from metered parking.”


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